Care & Maintenance

Skilled artisans built your Cronometrics watch to last, but like all your other prized possessions it does need a little care to keep it looking at its very best. A few minutes spent this way will provide lasting pleasure for years to come.


Cleaning the case and glass

Clean the outside of your watch once a week by gently rubbing it all over with a soft, dry cloth, and buffing it up so it shines again. If your timepiece has a water resistant mark, then you can clean it in clean cold water including the metal bracelet that can accumulate dust. Buff it up when fully dry with a soft, dry cloth.

Cleaning the leather strap

If your watch has a strap of leather or other material, then you can remove smudges of dirt and other marks once a month by gently rubbing with a soft, clean, white pencil eraser. On no account should you attempt to wash the strap. Soap and solvents can cause a leather strap to crack. Always remove the watch from your wrist when washing cars, doing laundry etc.

Water Resistance

If your watch is able to resist water, then its rating is on the back (the side against your wrist). If it does not have engraved marks, then it is not water resistant and you need to take precautions to avoid moisture, steam and condensation entering the case and spoiling the mechanism.

Even if your watch is marked water resistant, you ought not to wear it in a hot bath or shower. Hot water may weaken the rubber gaskets sealing the back, glass front, crown, and pushers, until your watch can no longer resist water. The crown is especially sensitive: after you pull it out the shaft can admit moisture. Make a habit of pushing it in again after making adjustments. Never pull the crown out if the case is wet, if you are swimming, or if you are outside in the rain.

No water-resistant watch can resist water forever because of the daily lifestyles we live. In daily use we bump it, forget to remove it while doing washing up, and so on. To keep your watch in tip-top condition we suggest you ask an authorized Cronometrics dealer to service it at least once every two years. They will reseal it with new rubber gaskets and it should be as good as new again.

Water Resistance ratings

Cronometrics water-resistant watches have a ‘5 ATM’ rating inscribed on the back. This makes them suitable for surface swimming, white water rafting, and fishing. Please remove yours when diving as it is only suitable for swimming in shallow water. If it does not have the mark, then keep it out of water.