Our worldwide limited warranty protects your Cronometrics watch according to the general and specific conditions contained in this document. You have cover against mechanical defects / workmanship for a period of two years from the date you bought it, provided you purchased it from an agent or representative accredited to us. We will repair your watch at our expense during the warranty years, or replace it. This does not include any insurance charges, any shipping / handling expenses, and any taxes due which are for your account.


This warranty does not apply if a third party tampers with the watch without our consent. The same applies to any damage not directly arising from poor workmanship, or any defects in the mechanism or movement as supplied.

Our global limited warranty does not cover problems caused directly or indirectly by accident damage, modifications, abuse, mistreatment, misuse, or moisture damage unless the timepiece is classified resistant to water subject to the limitations stated below.

We will not compensate you for battery failure, or for wearing / marking / staining / scratching of the glass or case due to normal use. This also applies to any metal bracelets, straps, or clasps supplied with the product. We will not be liable for any damage caused to electronic watches by leaking or otherwise defective batteries.


Depending on the circumstances, we may either repair or service your watch, or substitute another timepiece of similar appearance and value. This warranty is only applicable if the authorized Cronometrics agent who supplied the watch completed, signed and dated this document on the date of purchase.

We will attend to complaints / claims under this limited warranty only if the owner hands, or sends the watch to a dealer authorized thereto by Cronometrics. Please include a note describing the problem, your contact information, and proof and date of purchase for prompt service.